Ophe’s prayer

Τρία ποιήματα μιᾶς μακρινῆς φίλης, ἀπὸ τὸ μακρινὸ παρελθόν. Τὰ βρῆκα μετὰ ἀπὸ εἴκοσι καὶ πλέον χρόνια, κι ἀφοῦ μοῦ τὰ ἔδωσε, τὰ ἀναρτῶ.


Ophe’s Prayer

if i shut my eyes

there is no darkness

there is a circus of light and sound

laughter and music

kites and chimes dance

when i open my eyes

there is no darkness

just the echo on the wind

and the shadow of the moon

fading by my feet



(Untitled) sometime in 1999


If I could be a snowflake,

thought a little speck of dust,

I would enchant with my symmetry,

my infinite intricacies;

I would sting you with my icy beauty,

breaking your heart as I melt into a drop,

upon your touch…..


…or, if I could be a grain of sand,

refined into its essence

by the eons of ocean waves,


secure in the wisdom of ages…..


….or a diamond, even,

reflecting while transforming light,

a perfection of time and fire…..


…or maybe a pearl,

pure and white,

luminous from layers of oyster love…..


….ah well, wishes are not alchemy,

I am a speck of dust,

I am nothing…..


…there is hope, though…..



(written back in 1999)


homeless, nameless



defrocked, blocked, shell-shocked

No moon, no sky,

stranded, abandoned

yet, she stands

planted for eternity


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